About Palsar

Palsar Ventures is an early-stage venture fund dedicated to the art of building great online companies. Palsar has brought together a rare combination of entrepreneurial experience and investor acumen. 

Over the past twenty years, our partners have built, invested and sold multiple companies and are united by a quest to find the next generation of world-changing entrepreneurs.

Our focus is on helping pre-seed and seed stage startups. We believe in investing in ambitious founders and using our expertise to help them launch and scale successful digital products and services.

Hands-on Advice & Support

Capital alone does not create the next winner. Palsar is set to support founders with the ongoing challenges of growth, from product development, digital marketing and community building, to recruiting, legal and government relations. Palsar is here to provide the strategy, mentorship, hands-on advice and support founders need every step of the way.

Product & Technology

Building scalable products has never been more critical. From getting the right infrastructure & architecture for scale to UI/UX and security issues, founders face a growing challenge in an everchanging marketplace. Palsar helps in the design, build and launch of products and services.

business strategy

Taking the right actions to build a successful company requires years of experience and know-how. Palsar helps founders navigate the marketplace, assist with critical decisions and set the right strategy in motion. 

Performance Marketing

User Acquisition initiatives and growth hacks are essential for startup success. Palsar helps founders create scalable campaigns, optimize using cutting-edge techniques, analyze the right KPIs and exceed CPA goals.

Government Relations & Legal Affairs

When founders are confronted with legal, regulatory and compliance issues, Palsar helps them identify and prioritize the areas where they need help, provide them with the right connections, advice and support.

Talent acquisition

People turn great ideas into great companies. Palsar helps founders find the best talent by utilizing its vast network.

Expert Network

Palsar connects founders with field experts, world renowned entrepreneurs and C-level executives from the world’s leading brands to promote knowledge, business development and accelerate growth.

What We Invest In

Palsar is an early-stage fund and our first investment is made at either the pre-seed (pre-revenue) or seed stage (early revenue).


Software applications and services that enable every business


Products and services helping people live, play, and learn


Software and services that deliver, control and target online advertising

Web 3

Crypto, DeFi, NFTs, Gaming, DAOs and Web 3 Apps


Digital technologies to automate and simplify marketing processes


The next generation of enterprise technology


Loans, payments, investments and wealth management

New Era

Cutting-edge technology that challenge the known  assumptions

Reaching Out

We always prefer a warm intro through our network: founders we have backed, executives we worked with, co-investors, accelerators, etc. 

Couldn’t find a way to reach us? No Problem. Use our contact form and we will be in touch directly if we are interested to learn more about your company.